Inspiring People to Expand Horizons

Inspiring people

We need to go beyond

Tiradentes Institute believes that when coping with the challenges of the world today, we need to go beyond. With that in mind, we aim at providing opportunities for people to expand their horizons through international experiences and engaging in a multicultural and innovative environment.
Inspiring people

Transforming Ideas

Our purpose is that international education becomes a path to the development of spaces and innovative solutions to global challenges, thus we aim at preparing leaders who will impact society actively, transforming the world through ideas that really change communities.

Inspiring people

Boosting the Changes

The perception of real challenges in crucial areas for the development of American and Brazilian societies is the starting point for ideas that will significantly transform reality and inspire people creating quality tools that will drive inspiring initiatives.

Inspiring people

Who do we want to inspire

Companies and Industries
Nonprofit Organizations
Educational Institutions

We are aware that facing challenges is a hard task that requires the participation and collaboration of an increasing number of people with different talents, backgrounds and ideas. 

With this in mind, we seek to connect people from different parts of society and share our purpose by addressing global problems effectively.

“With our Study Center focused on research and innovation in American soil, we are motivated to continue following the right path, searching for new types of knowledge, going beyond its frontiers in favor of a qualified training for globalized professionals.”
Jouberto Uchôa de Mendonça
Rector of Universidade Tiradentes
Our Mission
Inspiring people to expand horizons
Our Vision
To become a reference space for initiatives that make the world a better place
Our Values
- International Education
- Social Transformation
- Global Impact
- Strengthening of Brazil-US Partnership

Brazil-USA Connection

The Northeastern regions of Brazil and the United States both have similar historical inheritances. They were cradles for the construction of two of the main countries in the American continent. Today, their diplomatic relations are intense and strategic: Recife is home to the oldest US Consulate General in Brazil and Boston has one of the most important Brazilian Consulates in the United States. Moreover, New England is the region with highest concentration of Brazilians in this country, and Portuguese is the second most spoken language in the state of Massachusetts.

Likewise, the academic mobility and business environment contribute to a high level relationship and facilitate the intellectual education of many professionals, with the Boston region as the center of the innovation world and the Northeast of Brazil with significant initiatives such as the Tiradentes Innovation Center in Aracaju.

Given the historical similarities and intense relations between the two countries and their Northeast regions, challenges raise the opportunity to create a space so people can interact and develop innovative ideas; improving the reality of their countries. Thus, Tiradentes Institute emerges as a bridge to intensify this interaction.

May 2015
Agreement Signed
Signature of the term that started the cooperation between UNIT and UMASS and the creation of the Tiradentes Institute
July 2016
100,000 Strong in the Americas
The first UNIT and UMASS Boston partnership project begins with the financing of the program “100,000 Strong in the Americas” to carry out the “Comparison between the coastal systems of Sergipe, Brazil and Massachusetts, USA”.
September 2016
Strategic Initiative
Professor Simone Amorim, PhD, starts the Post-Doctoral Scholarship at the Tiradentes Institute, carrying out research for 9 months at UMass Boston
December 2017
Opening date of the first office space dedicated to the Tiradentes Institute, located on the UMass Boston Campus
January 2018
Tiradentes Ambassador Program
The first edition of the Tiradentes Ambassador Program is held, allowing 3 Tiradentes Group professors to visit the Tiradentes Institute
May 2018
Tiradentes Fund at MIT
Managed by MIT Brazil, The Tiradentes Fund at MIT was created and it aims at a greater integration between the Tiradentes Group and the Boston ecosystem