Bootcamps are training courses that provide participants with the possibility to quickly acquire skills sought by the market, especially using creative and business-oriented skills. The growing need for talent in the technology area and the speed at which companies seek new professionals make bootcamps a great option of complementary training to regular courses. In addition to being short-term courses, bootcamps offer lower costs and are aimed at different skills, such as coding and Data Science, entrepreneurship and the most diverse areas. They are great opportunities to make contact with other students and professionals in the area in which the participant is training and already display their work and projects to them. The Tiradentes Institute offers these courses in order to contribute to the training and better placement in the job market of Tiradentes students, with experiences at home and abroad.

Gain of technical skills focused on your professional necessities
Engage in a short-term experience, integrating theory with practice
Contact with different cultures
Contact with foreign instructors
Enhance your curriculum with an international experience
Frequency of the Program
Required Areas of Study
Target Audience
Tiradentes students interested in the Technology field

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