Boston Smart City Experience



Boston was one of the first cities in the world to experiment smart initiatives in 2010, having become the first city in the United States to feature among 80 innovative districts around the world. With several already consolidated companies working side by side with startups, incubators and business accelerators, in addition to an academic environment of international reference, Boston stands out as an ecosystem that thinks and creates intelligent experiences aimed at cities, going through different axes such as mobility and health valuing the population’s engagement in its urbanism plan. Given this scenario, the Tiradentes Institute offers its students the opportunity to live an experience in Boston to learn how the city has treated the theme of “Smart Cities” from a governmental point of view, through an internship at the Boston Planning and Development Agency.

Improve speaking skills in another language
Engage in a short-term experience, integrating theory with practice
Practical experience in Boston, reference city in the field of Smart Cities
Immersion adjusted to the team’s goals
Enhance your curriculum with an international professional experience
Frequency of the Program
Required Areas of Study
Target Audience
Tiradentes Students interested in Smart Cities

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  • Boston Planning & Development Agency – USA