Global Education Lab



Having an international experience in the curriculum, especially of a professional nature, is a great advantage in the job market and that is precisely what the Global Education Lab Program wants to offer students of the Tiradentes Group. Through partnerships with North American institutions, the Tiradentes Institute offers its students the possibility to spend a month in Boston, one of the largest ecosystems in Education worldwide, with the purpose of creating a project in the educational area to be applied on the periphery of Aracaju, Maceió or Recife, in northeastern Brazil. Students will rotate at partner institutions, gaining knowledge and seeing successful experiments that will help them to build, alongside the other participants of the Education Lab, a project that will result in a proposal for the implementation of spaces, educational models and other interventions that are replicable, easy to absorb and have high impact.

Acquire experience in North American institutions that work with education as a science
Improve speaking skills in another language
Direct contact with creative solutions for education
Opportunity to meet professionals and students from a different country, sharing and learning in your area of studies
Enhance your curriculum with an international experience
Frequency of the Program
Required Areas of Study
Target Audience
Tiradentes Students

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