Improve Your Business



Boston is an important center for business and entrepreneurship, and home to several of the world’s leading technology companies which places the city on the map of global innovation. At the same time, the formation of intellectual capital through its renowned universities incites the growth of the economy and affects the labour market. Important Business and Executive Education programs appear as great opportunities of qualification in the business sector. Considering this and the fact that New England, which encompasses Massachusetts and other states, is the region with the highest concentration of Brazilians in the United States, and that Portuguese is the second most spoken language in Massachusetts, the Tiradentes Institute developed a program aimed at Brazilian entrepreneurs. Improve Your Business are short-term business immersions with the purpose of training this audience for the business world and take place in Boston, executed online, with classes of up to fifteen students.

Short-term business immersion
Networking with other brazilian entrepreneurs
Opportunity to meet referential professionals from the USA, sharing and learning in the business area
Enhance your curriculum with global experiences at home
Program designed considering the brazilian specific reality
Frequency of the Program
Required Areas of Study
Target Audience
Brazilian Entrepreneurs in Boston