International Courses



The Tiradentes Institute offers students several opportunities for academic experiences abroad, encompassing every field of studies’ different realities and how is it possible to contribute to an academic and professional training that goes beyond what is taught in the classroom. Thus, one of the programs offered by the Institute is the shared international disciplines. These disciplines are taught as a short-term (one-month) curricular unit and take place in Boston, United States, for Brazilian students, or in Brazil for north American students. In the case of having full classes to attend the courses, they will be accompanied by a professor from the home university throughout the entire course. The Institute also offers the option of online disciplines for long-distance classes. Regardless of the modality, the courses take place, preferably, in the break period, so that the academic calendar is not altered and the students may continue their studies in the home institution normally.

Improve speaking skills in another language
There is no change to the student’s academic calendar
Face-to-face and/or Online Lessons
Opportunity to meet professionals and students from a different country, sharing and learning in your area of studies
Enhance your curriculum with an international experience
Frequency of the Program
Required Areas of Study
Health and Education
Target Audience
Health and Education students