International Experience



The Tiradentes Institute does not restrict its programs only to students and professors. Companies, Industries, Non-profit Organizations and various types of Institutions are on our radar of inspiration, that is, we also want to reach these segments. That is why the Institute has offered, since the beginning of its operation, the Corporate Education Program in the areas of Health, Innovation and Creativity and Education, our axes, designed and carried out in partnership with Brazilian and North American institutions. They are short-term courses (weeklong), and can take place in Brazil or in the United States, depending on their profile. Professionals who choose to live this experience will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the main trends of their areas, through practical and theoretical classes with qualified teachers, who are references in the topic, boosting their curricula.

Improve speaking skills in another language
Choose studying in Brazil or in the USA
Direct contact with the North American culture
Opportunity to meet professionals and students from a different country, sharing and learning in your area of studies
Enhance your curriculum with an international experience
Frequency of the Program
Required Areas of Study
Multiple (Health, Education, Management, etc.)
Target Audience
Professionals in areas such as Education, Health, Innovation, Creativity, among others.

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