Lab Experience Abroad



Seeking to give the opportunity of international laboratorial experiences besides the academic ones to undergraduate students in the health courses, the Tiradentes Institute enables a professional practice in a different reality from what the students are used to. Therefore, the Institute created the Lab Experience Abroad, with partners in Brazil and the USA, among them there are independent laboratories and teaching institutions, so that Brazilian and north American students may turn the theory they learn in the classroom into action and live practical experiences in their areas of studies outside their original country. Besides that, it is a great opportunity to assess the student’s progress and performance in an international laboratorial environment, which may help them to create bonds with specific areas of expertise considering different cultural and technical aspects, where students and professors work together, strengthening research and observation. 

Improve speaking skills in another language and relate to another culture
Develop analytical and scientific approaches to problem solving
Improve organizational skills regarding collecting and organizing data
Opportunity to meet professionals and students from a different country, sharing and learning in your area of studies
Enhance your curriculum with an international experience
Frequency of the Program
Required Areas of Study
Target Audience
Students in the undergraduate courses: Medicine, Biomedicine, Pharmacy, Biology, Health Sciences, Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Biotechnology and similar areas