MIT Global Startup Lab



Cambridge is the home to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the top universities of the world. Due to a fund created by the MIT and the Tiradentes University, Tiradentes students may benefit from programs created and guided by the MIT, such as the MIT Global Startup Lab, which aims to provide for students from all over the world design and management skills needed in the process of creating a technology startup. The program was developed to be practical and interactive: throughout four weeks, students and instructors from the MIT, who are directly involved with cutting-edge technology and business, visit an Higher Education Institution, in this case, Tiradentes University, and apply a schedule of activities with the students so that they can develop a business idea and, from there, identify markets, develop an app or software and elaborate a business model. At the end of the process, the startups may present their work to potential investors at a “Demo Day”.

Improve speaking skills in another language and in software languages
Opportunity to have a global practical experience inside you own classroom
Interact with Tiradentes students from different states and areas of study
Free Program
Contact with potential investors
Frequency of the Program
Required Areas of Study
Any undergraduate courses
Target Audience
Undergraduate Tiradentes students interested in technology and entrepreneurship with experience in coding programming language, design or business