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The formation of the 21st century inspires the creation of practical solutions to real problems that affect people’s daily lives. With this in mind, the Tiradentes Institute seeks to encourage students from partner institutions as much as possible to always think in an innovative and creative way, regardless of their area of training. In this quest to apply what students learn in the classroom in the highly complex reality in which they currently live, Tiradentes Solutions emerges, linking companies, governments, teaching and research institutions, and students. Following the past and recent history that show that great innovations were born within universities around the world, the program aims to solve contemporary challenges in several areas. With a face-to-face phase in Brazil, during which Tiradentes students in pairs, must create a project that meets a real local or global need suggested in an open call for proposals, the creators of the project with the best score win, as a prize, a trip to Boston, in the United States, which is one of the biggest international references in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, so that they know its ecosystem and institutions that work on solving similar problems. Create, learn, discuss, solve and share, that is what we want.

Free Program
Creation of a Project that solves local/global contemporary challenges
Scholarships for the selected students
Improve critical and innovative thinking skills
Frequency of the Program
Required Areas of Study
Open to all areas of study
Target Audience
Tiradentes students

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  • Alagoas – Brazil
  • Pernambuco – Brazil
  • Sergipe – Brazil